web development

Classy is a two-sided eLearning platform built with Ruby on Rails, similar to Udemy, that manages student course enrollments as well as instructor course creation.

Once a user creates an account they can either view and enroll in courses, or develop new courses as an instructor. Courses are split up into sections, each of which can hold multiple video lessons. Instructors set their own price for their courses and the application manages student payments for them using Stripe.

Nomster is a Ruby on Rails web application in the spirit of Yelp. Anyone can easily view all locations, reviews, ratings and images. In order to add new locations or post reviews, users must create an account. All users with accounts also have their own profile page showing their review stats.

This is a todo List application built with Ruby on Rails. I can create and manage multiple todo lists, adding and deleting items and lists as needed.

Grammable is an Instagram clone application I built with Ruby on Rails. I implemented a Test Driven Development approach while building this app using RSpec and FactoryGirl, and wrote tests for all the core functionality. Tests can be viewed in source code on GitHub (using below link).

Harvester is a Ruby on Rails web scraping application that grabs the current top news stories from three world news sites, Bloomberg, BBC News, and Straits Times.

I built this blog application using Ruby on Rails. Anyone visiting the site can view my blog posts and add comments. As the administrator, I can log in and add, edit, and delete posts, as well as remove comments.

Splurty is web application developed using Ruby on Rails that randomly displays user submitted quotes. A user can easily add their own sayings to the page and see the product of their brilliance displayed for the world to see. Splurty was developed for the Firehose Project, which rocks!

android development

MyTasks is an android application that allows you to track tasks, set their priority level, and mark them as completed. The task list is sorted by priotity.

CNews is a news aggregator android application. It uses the newsapi.org API and lists top current news stories. There is also a search feature that allows you to quickly find news articles on any topic.

game development

Super Zombie Runner is a throwback 2D endless runner game I built with Unity and C#.

Try to get through all the levels in this challenging block breaker style game. Brick Breaker was created with Unity and C#.